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HiSuite is the program developed by Huawei to sync the calendar and contacts on their android device with outlook.It is a way for you to use your PC as a way to customize control and backup your cell phone.The program features are and friendly interface that will help users transfer data to and from the handheld device .HiSuite can support two types of connections that can be established between the phone and computer,Namely via USB cable or through a WIFI is pretty efficient piece of software for managing the entire contents for your Huawei device .HiSuite provides several tools in this program like music management ,sending messages directly from your PC desktop and installing or uninstalling APK apps from your mobile.This freeware application can be real time saver.
The system requirements for running HiSuite are quite has an easy to use interface ,use the panel on the left to navigate the interface ,manage contacts ,manage apps ,manage music manage pictures ,manage calendar events ,and more Huawei Software is a free software.

Main features of HiSuite :

  • You can manage the applications on your huawei Smartphone and also download the apps from other resources on the internet through this Huawei HiSuite.
  • you can manage data contacts ,messages ,pictures ,and other multimedia files such as audio video and more.
  • Backup the data on your Huawei smart phone without losing any out of it.
  • you can update the software of your huawei through it without.HiSuite will update and install that software upgrade easily without any hassle.

All the functionality presents above ,You can enjoy it all without having to part with your hard earn money.
You can download HiSuite Free from the given download links Below !!

Download Links:

Official site
Latest Version

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