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Advance IP Scanner is helping software which helps to connect your PC or MAC to other networks around you.A single click after you have this software can find easily the networks openly available.This software not only  finding the networks ,it is making easily  access.Once you Downloaded this software,you can  transfer your data to any PC or your require data can transfer to your PC from any other PC by a single click.IP scanner is very easy to use once you downloads it is making very easy to transfer your require data from one to other PC, MACS, Linux.

Whenever Advance IP scanner was not invented,it was much difficult to find any network around you,mostly we were using wire or port to transfer the data or using CD room to transfer the data which was taking much time.It was also costly u would have to buy USB or CD to making transfer the darta. your CD or USbB can be lost any where but This unique software saving your Money,your Time and saving losing risk as well.Now days we are facing a huge number PCS or MACS in offices,where have to face difficulties But note more now because of Advance IP scanner, This unique software not only helping to transfer the data,s it can even shutdown or switch on your computers or MACS by remote as well.We are offering this powerful software free of coast,if you want to save your money,risk factor and time please click the bellow given link and download  Advance IP scanner and enjoy the  fastest and power full Advance IP Scanner.

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